Quartz MBC is not only a revenue cycle company; if desired, we also offer consulting to assist providers in implementing your own infrastructure to manage your billing and practice internally.

However, we do realize medical billing internally can be a daunting task. By outsourcing your billing,

Quartz MBC promises to:
  • Improve collections while accelerating cash flow
  • Reduce your administrative costs
  • Achieve efficiencies not attainable by billing in-house
  • Address compliance confidently
  • Minimize medical billing denials
  • Reconcile all charges received against your service log to ensure all services rendered have been submitted for payment
  • Reviewing and tracking payments received from payers for accuracy and appropriateness using our “bank-to-receipt of payment” reconciliation method
  • Identifying opportunities to improve practice efficiency
  • Specialty-specific medical coding services (diagnosis and procedure)
  • Payment posting and electronic remittance handling
  • Proactively recognizing potential compliance issues to avoid delays or denials
  • Increasing business transparency via timely and comprehensive reporting Data scrubbing and payer-specific rules processing and demographic verification

  • By relying on an expert third party medical billing company like Quartz MBC, you enjoy the long-term benefits that come with our revenue cycle specialists consistently providing accurate, efficient billing services for your specialized medical practice.

    Operating as a true steward of your financial success, we are committed to tracking all submissions and resolving claim issues as expeditiously as possible. Quartz MBC offers a team of revenue cycle specialists, certified specialty-trained coders, and patient advocacy representatives who use advanced workflows to successfully navigate complicated regulations surrounding the reimbursement process.

    Patient Advocacy

    Let’s face it, a patient may love your facility and wonderful staff until your billing company haggles them regarding their balance. Patient feedback regarding bills is expected in the medical billing industry, but it takes a professional expert to provide detailed explanation of benefits to deescalate irate calls.

    Here at Quartz MBC, our Patient Advocacy department thoroughly reviews each balance and provides education to patients regarding their insurance policy and medical bill. We promise to work with each of our clients providing support for escalated patient calls, review of medical records and itemized statements prior to submission to the patient and assist in handling online reviews left by patients including but not limited to YELP, Google, and FaceBook.

    Patients have access to review their balance online 24/7 including user-friendly bill pay options.

    Tailored Operations to fit your needs!

    Quartz MBC’s best practice tactics also ensure that front desk/registration is rigorously integrated into our operations. We supplement these policies and procedures with internal and external audits performed by individuals skilled in identifying inaccuracies that could delay or reduce reimbursement. We offer front desk training to ensure demographic data is accurately entered to ensure a clean billing cycle to reduce denial rate and risks.

    Additionally, our practice management software reporting system provides in-depth insight into all aspects of your practice, including provider productivity, so you know exactly how your team is performing against goals.

    Not every practice has the same goals, same patients, or same specialties. Unlike large medical billing companies, Quartz MBC has the ability to customize our operations to fit your needs. We offer solutions for the following:

    You can’t always control the reimbursement by payer, but you can control your allowable fees. Charge masters are cumbersome and tedious when deciding the fine line between operating costs and patient satisfaction. Quartz MBC believes in balance and will model a charge master that fits your financial operating expenses and net collection goals while being affordable to patient out of pocket costs.
    Billing starts with the registration information being completed by the patient at the facility. Quartz MBC will review all front desk paperwork and advise on more effective verbiage if necessary to insure the provider has all essentials to collect reimbursement in full. We also offer front desk training to staff on how to properly collect co-pays and prompt pay balances due at time of service.
    For out of network providers, a detailed analysis of your current long term data of reimbursements per payer, will provide Quartz MBC a starting point for negotiations for a contract/global agreement. We will thoroughly compare the rates offered by the payer to your current rates to determine if being in network is a viable option for your facility/group. Overall, we provide monthly meetings with our leaders and the facility to determine the best solutions for the everchanging medical industry and regulations payers enforce on providers. There is no problem too big to solve or too small to resolve.

    Ready to make the change to a better revenue cycle management company that fits your needs? Please contact us today: